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Residential And Commercial Cleaning Manhattan

Choosing a cleaning service for the home or office is an important decision. The housekeeping or janitorial contractor selected must be able to provide service at any hour of the day or night, should be licensed and have its employees bonded, and must be able to fully understand the needs of the client. In Manhattan and throughout the New York City area, professional cleaning crews are hired based on their ability to perform their work in a timely manner, construct an efficient schedule that results in the completion of all duties requested by the client, and form a positive relationship with the customer.

Both residential and commercial office cleaning contracts are drawn up only after a consultation with the client, and dispatchers have complete information about the service requested before choosing a team of field operators. The number one priority is customer satisfaction, especially in the areas of security and trust.

Residential Cleaning Services In Manhattan

There are hundreds of contractors advertising their cleaning business in the New York metropolitan area. The only way to find the perfect cleaning service is to contact a number of them and ask the proper questions. What hours do they work? Do they supply all equipment needed? Do they perform general cleaning only, or do they specialize in carpets, kitchen and bath, or laundry?

The perfect professional cleaning service will arrive at your home dressed in company uniforms, and they will supply all soaps, disinfectants, brushes, towels, and vacuum equipment. They will perform the work requested in a particular sequence that minimizes the time necessary to complete the job. However, the personnel sent to the home will not disturb any item that is not part of the contract, will not introduce harmful chemicals into the home or surrounding environment, and will never ask you, the client, for supplies.

Depending on what needs to be cleaned, customers should always ask the company about certain specialties that are performed by members of the team. Some of the better-known maid services in the New York area have field personnel that are dispatched for daily or weekly laundry cleaning. Others may have experience in window washing or air duct cleaning. The reason why the consultation process is such an important step in selecting a residential cleaning service is that you must make sure that the service provider you choose offers all of the services that you think that you will need.

An ongoing contract can be designed that includes general house cleaning on a certain day of the week, laundry service once a week, and carpet shampooing once a month. This flexibility of scheduling makes it far easier to design a housekeeping routine that is affordable to the client.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Whether it be an office suite, school, warehouse or medical clinic, commercial cleaning services can be contracted for a single visit or a repeat cleaning operation. Many offices are full of employees during the daytime, and cleaning personnel must be available during night hours.

Customers should always ask about specifics when it comes to office cleaning services. One of the major concerns with commercial office environments is the spread of allergies or viruses. Many people frequent the premises during the day, and cleaning service personnel must make sure that all items such as door knobs, computer terminals, light switches, kitchenette countertops, and bathroom fixtures are properly sanitized and customers should definitely consider a service provider that offers disinfection and sanitization services.

The cost of this service depends on the frequency of the operation as well as the square footage involved. Many of the New York City maid and janitorial service companies offer a per-hour contract for the initial cleaning. This gives both the contractor and the client a feel for how long it takes to perform the work. Subsequent cleanings are then charged a flat rate.

Use of Green Cleaning Products

In an effort to cut down on pollutants and chemicals in the region’s water supply, most of the highly regarded cleaning services operating in Manhattan now use organically derived soaps, cleansers, surfactants and solvents. This not only makes it safer to discharge water into the sewer system, it virtually eliminates the possibility of humans or pets suffering allergic reactions. These green cleaning products are completely biodegradable, do not leave harmful residues on interior surfaces, and will not attract insects or other pests.

Specialized cleansers and soaps are now made specifically for windows, bathroom fixtures, carpets and rugs, and for surfaces that harbor germs. Business clients that use a green cleaning maid or janitorial service may even qualify for environmental green points, resulting in lower business insurance costs. Property owners that lease office space are often given a tax break when an environmentally conscious cleaning contractor is used, and this savings is passed on to the tenant.

Homeowners are urged to ask about what cleaning products are used by the contractor. One of the problems with house cleaning is the residue left behind from harsh chemical cleansers. Pets are especially vulnerable to lingering odors, and persons with allergies, respiratory problems or sensitive skin can also be negatively affected. A professional cleaning service that uses only non-toxic, organically derived cleaning products is the smart choice for the homeowner.

Residential And Commercial Cleaning Manhattan

Choose a Licensed Company

Most residential and office cleaning companies will be happy to discuss their hiring and background check procedures. Make sure the company chosen is fully licensed to hire and supervise field personnel. Also inquire about the bonding process and whether an employment history check has been performed. The successful maid and janitorial service companies in the New York area have retained many of their employees for years and can virtually guarantee the safety of the client’s belongings.

It is also important to know the contractor’s service guarantee. A successful, reputable cleaning company usually retains business with their client for a very long period of time. This is partly due to the customer guarantee stated in the original contract. If the job is not performed to the customer’s expectation, repeat service to finish the job is free of charge.

Residential and office cleaning companies in Manhattan wish to maintain a long relationship with their clients. This provides the customer peace of mind that the work will continue at five-star quality, and the contractor knows that a satisfied customer leads to referrals.

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