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GreenPro is price competitive with other NYC providers but with a higher quality of service

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We work at any hour, any day, quickly and quietly, to minimize any disruption to you

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We background check and train our team to provide exceptional service...guaranteed

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About GreenPro NYC

Decades Of Experience

commercial & Residential Cleaning & Remediation Services For New Yorkers

GreenPro NYC was built from the ground up by our founders primarily through referrals from our satisfied customers, one recommendation at a time and today includes a team of cleaning professionals that aim to thrill our customers every time. Today we service some of the cities most demanding and exclusive clients, cleaning and protecting their homes and businesses.

Our founders believe and have instilled in our professional staff a work ethic that values attention to every detail, schedule flexibility to meet our clients needs, eco-friendly services and complete satisfaction for all of our customers. 

We believe that cleaning services are not just a one time event, but a long term relationship with our clients that provides continuous cleanliness and protection from nuisances and contagions, putting the safety of our clients first. Our focus on customer loyalty has produced dozens of incredibly satisfied and long term clients that recommend our services to others and help us to continuously grow the GreenPro family.

Careers at GreenPro NYC

GreenPro is always recruiting amazing cleaning professionals.

If you’re located in the New York City area and have training and experience providing amazing cleaning services we’d love to hear from you.

Our cleaning Professionals

  • Professional in all situations

  • Experienced at satisfying our customers

  • honest and dependable

  • Insured and bonded

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