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Corporate Cleaning Services in New York

Corporate Cleaning Services in New York

Corporate Cleaning Services in New York City

Your employees deserve a clean working environment, and your customers expect your facilities to be clean and well maintained.

You have several options when it comes to keeping everything clean. You can have your regular team of employees contribute by cleaning, but this takes them away from their regular duties, will not increase your profit levels, and will not keep your employees happy. Or, you can hire a private janitorial staff, sometimes known as a commercial cleaning service. When you turn to GreenPro NYC for commercial services, you can trust that your business will always be clean and ready for your customers.

Help for Most Industries

We offer commercial cleaning services for a range of industries.

You can call us to clean entire office buildings, your corporate headquarters, and municipal centers, while we also clean research facilities, schools, churches, doctor’s offices, retail stores, restaurants, training and event centers, industrial plants, and warehouses.

We can handle businesses of all sizes, and you can count on us to clean your business from top to bottom.

Floor Cleaning

When your customers enter the building, they do notice your floors.

Those little stains that are practically invisible to you will stand out to your new customers, and they give the impression that you don’t take care of your business. This hardly instills trust in your team.

But you can change the impression by ensuring that floors throughout your facility are clean. We scrub carpets, polish tiles, and clean grout to ensure that your floors always look great and your business looks clean.

Dust Elimination

Dust settles onto every surface and will linger and it drags down your indoor air quality because it is filled with allergens.

As your employees work in a dusty environment, it starts to make them ill. This increases the number of call-outs, and your business productivity will suffer. And if you have customers on-site, while they’re waiting for assistance, they are looking around. Do you want them to see the dust on the top of the light switch? What will they think if they look around and see cobwebs in the corners and dust on the fixtures?

Impressions are everything in business, and you can make sure that your office is making the right impression when you invest in regular professional cleaning services.

Sanitizing Common Areas

Do you have water fountains? How often are they cleaned? How much time do you spend in the lobby or employee break area? These common areas tend to be neglected, but they are incredibly important. They can become breeding grounds for germs and contagious diseases like the common cold, stomach flu, and other problems.

Protect your customers, staff, students, and all who use these areas by having the areas professionally cleaned regularly. We have special disinfectants that can kill germs or rinse them away, leaving a clean surface behind, often with a protective coating to prevent the germs from returning.

Everyone who comes through your business will appreciate that the common areas are clean because it shows that you are committed and that you care about the people who support you.

Beautiful Reflections

The windows in your facility are important, and you also want to make sure that mirrors and other glass surfaces are clean. We clean window interiors, mirrors, and glass. You can count on us to clean display cases, polish the mirrors and leave the reflective surfaces throughout your business sparkling. It’s one of those little things that customers will notice, so you want to make sure you have taken steps to keep them clean and free of dust, grease, and fingerprints.

Decorative Touches

Whether you have a retail store or a business office, you probably have a few decorative accents sprinkled around. Rows of potted plants may serve as room dividers, art is hung in areas to dress up the walls, and you may have plaques with your various awards and accomplishments displayed in one area. These items become dusty as they sit, and that makes the business start to look unkempt.

In addition to cleaning the obvious areas like floors and windows, our janitorial service also cleans these little decorative touches. We buff the plaques, polish the frames on artwork and even wipe off artificial plants to keep them looking fresh and natural.

Electronics for Safety and Long Life

The electronics around your office are used on a daily basis. The computers and printers see constant use, and most of the electronics are swimming in germs that can make your employees sick.

We dust and disinfect computer monitors, keyboards, phones, the printer, and even your fax machine (if you still have one).

Your employees will appreciate working on clean equipment, and they won’t be out sick as often when the germs are removed on a regular basis. Your computers and other electronics will also last longer when they are kept clean because, without regular cleaning, dust can get in and overheat them. In addition to enjoying a clean working environment, you will also save money by prolonging the life of your electronics.

Clean Restrooms

The restrooms of your building are extremely important for employees and customers alike.

We clean, sanitize, and disinfect the restrooms. Mirrors are polished, handles are wiped off and the floors are scrubbed, so your bathroom will be clean from the top to the bottom. We can even restock the paper products for you.

Upholstery Treatment

Your customers don’t just look at the carpets, they also look closely at the chairs in your lobby. They notice if the upholstery is dusty or stained, and they won’t feel comfortable sitting and waiting for you in a dirty environment.

You may not even notice the little stains and a layer of dust on the back of the chair because you are busy taking care of other things. Your customers, however, have nothing better to do when they are sitting out there waiting for you.

Make sure that they are greeted with a clean waiting area, including furniture that is vacuumed off and cleaned regularly. It helps you make that great impression.

HEPA Vacuums

We have invested in HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums which are the most efficient cleaning machines that use a quality filtration system to capture allergens and ensure that they are removed from the air.

Older vacuums pull the dirt, dust, and allergens out of the carpet, but some of that escapes from the machine and is sent right back into the air. With our special HEPA vacuums, those particles are captured and held inside the machine. HEPA vacuums also have better suction, so we can make sure your carpets and upholstery are truly clean.

As you eliminate allergens, people who have allergies will finally find relief from the sinus pain and misery.

LEED Guidelines

We follow LEED guidelines in our cleaning methods. We take steps to conserve energy, cleaning resources, and water.

With our help, operating costs are lowered and we can make your offices safer for both employees and customers. We strive to provide you with a clean environment, but we also want to make sure your working environment is healthy.

Special Services

We proudly offer special services for your business. Whether you want help with organizing storage areas, need additional areas cleaned, or want another special service, we are happy to assist you. We will work with you to ensure that all of your cleaning needs are met and that your business is sparkling from top to bottom.

Bonded and Insured

You hire a cleaning service to save money on the expense of full-time employees, so you want to work with a company that is licensed, insured, and bonded. We invest in these protections to ensure that you are covered in the event of an accident or injury.

Supplies and Equipment

When we come in to clean, we bring all of our own cleaners and equipment, so you won’t have to purchase any cleaning supplies. We also use only green cleaning solutions, so you can trust that there will not be any strange odors or dangerous residues left in your building when we’re done cleaning.


We have hundreds of satisfied customers, and most of our business comes from recommendations by people who have used our services before and were pleased. We are proud to provide you with solid references along with reasonable prices and customized services.

When you are ready to invest in commercial cleaning services, turn to one of the most experienced teams in New York City. Turn to GreenPro NYC. We are committed to providing an outstanding, reliable cleaning service at reasonable rates. We offer non-toxic cleaning products, follow LEED guidelines, and will customize our cleaning services to suit your needs perfectly. Call us today at (212) 457-8858 to make an appointment and see how we can keep your business clean, so you can make a great impression on customers and keep your employees happy.

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