Spotless in a Snap – Emergency Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Unleashed

Satisfied Office Manager After Emergency Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Service

Introduction: Unleashing the Power of Professional Clean In the bustling rhythm of everyday life, the cleanliness of ceilings and walls often takes a backseat. However, when disaster strikes or neglect reaches a tipping point, the need for emergency ceiling and wall cleaning services becomes not just necessary, but urgent. Whether it’s the aftermath of a […]

6 Amazing Tricks for Deodorizing the Stinkiest Things in Your Home

Her Place Needs Deodorizing. A Woman Reacting To Bad Smell

Have you ever walked into someone’s home (or maybe even your own!) and noticed that it just smells kind of weird? You can’t put a name to it, but it’s just…off. Every home has a particular smell, odor, or aroma and chances are you’ve become so used to your own that you don’t even smell […]

Commercial Cleaning – #1 Sanitization and Disinfection Service for NYC Medical Facilities

Medical procedure room after sanitization and disinfection

Sanitation, cleanliness, sanitization and disinfection are not a luxury in the healthcare industry. Medical facilities require a much higher standard of cleaning to prevent the spread of disease and infection, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the high volume of people coming and going from medical facilities every day, these offices will generally choose […]

Here’s Why A Safe And Clean Work Environment Is Essential

Electrostatic Fogging to Create A Safe And Clean Work Environment

Before the outbreak of Covid-19, people would spend 40 hours or more in the office every week (which means that New Yorkers probably spent 60-80 hours, because everyone knows we work harder and longer than people everywhere else). And while every individual has a place where they are most productive, a safe and clean work […]

Commercial Services: Exceptional NYC Office Cleaning Services

NYC Office Cleaning Services - Janitor Cleaning Floors

Investing in office cleaning services can improve your business’s bottom line. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, a clean office will keep your staff healthier, make a better impression on visiting clients and keep productivity levels high. Guests Notice Everything Whether or not you notice the cobwebs in your entryway or the dust bunnies under your […]

5 Essential Tips On Home and Office Cleaning to Prevent Cold and Flu

Man Home From Office Sick But Still Wearing Tie

While there are a lot of preventative measures people can take to prevent cold and flu or avoid getting sick, eventually, someone in your home or office will come down with a particularly nasty bug. Viruses like the cold and flu can stay alive on surfaces for up to three hours! So if you’re going […]

Don’t Miss These 5 Things: How to Clean Your Home After Being Sick

Woman Sick At Home - Remember To Clean Your Home After Being Sick

Being sick is the worst. There’s not much you can do besides taking your medicine, resting, and waiting to feel better. And once you finally are feeling better (FINALLY!) your home can still feel clammy and sick itself. When you start to feel better and realize it’s time to clean your home, here are the 5 major […]

8 Cleaning Tips to Prevent Cold and Flu at Work

Woman Masked Up & Using Sanitizer At Work To Prevent Cold And Flu From Spreading

We’ve already entered that time of the year in which many office workers tend to take great caution when it comes to their health. If you haven’t already guessed it, we’re talking about flu season so it’s time for tips on how to prevent cold and flu at work. Whether or not you’re prone to […]