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Commercial Services: Exceptional NYC Office Cleaning Services

Commercial Services: Exceptional NYC Office Cleaning Services

Investing in office cleaning services can improve your business’s bottom line.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, a clean office will keep your staff healthier, make a better impression on visiting clients and keep productivity levels high.

Guests Notice Everything

Whether or not you notice the cobwebs in your entryway or the dust bunnies under your secretary’s desk, you can be sure that your clients will.

An unclean, disorganized welcome area reflects poorly on your business and says that you don’t care about your clients or employees. Stained carpeting, dingy windows, dusty surfaces, and that strange odor will give people a poor impression of your business.

It’s a small consideration in the grand scheme of things, but projecting a positive image and instilling pride in your employees begins with keeping your office clean.

Communal and Storage Areas

While you may insist that your employees keep their own work area neat and clean, it’s near impossible to convince them to clean the lobby, bathrooms, break rooms, and meeting rooms (and generally not a good idea to try to convince them if you want to keep morale high). Even if they are willing, they may not do the thorough job that a cleaning service will do. A professional team will move through your office methodically so that no area is forgotten and will make sure that even the necessary but unpleasant tasks, like cleaning the toilets, are finished.

Health is Important

Not only can an unclean office affect morale, but it can also quickly become a source of contagion.

When employees aren’t feeling well, they’re less likely to work up to their full potential. This causes a drop in productivity and failing morale. Staff members are more likely to take sick days, which can have an adverse effect on your profits. A frequent cleaning schedule will increase productivity and decrease the number of sick days that your employees take.

Improve Air Quality

Offices don’t have many opportunities to air out properly, which means odors can be more pervasive.

Whether the odors are caused by someone’s lunch or mold that’s growing in the bathroom, regular cleaning will keep them from lingering and make the office a much more enjoyable space to be in. It will also reduce the number of allergens floating around, which would otherwise aggravate clients and employees.

Discover Problems Before They’re a Liability

When your office is dirty and dingy, you may not notice the growing water stain on your ceiling. That stack of papers in the corner can be hiding a more serious issue. If your office is cleaned on a regular basis, it will be easier to spot structural damage or an infestation before the consequences become severe. You’ll be able to make repairs in a timely manner and avoid the larger costs that come from pushing off dealing with those types of problems.

Protecting Electronics & Other Investments

Computers and other electronics are the backbones of the vast majority of businesses. When dust collects inside the housing blocks or around the internal fan, it can prevent the computer from cooling efficiently and cause shorts in the electrical flow, slow your computers down, and shorten their usable life (meaning that you will have to replace your computers more often).

Dust and debris also degrade carpets, furniture, counters, and other items within your office. Regular cleaning will protect your investments and add years of additional useful life, which saves you money on repairs and replacements.

Benefits of Contracted Services

While some companies directly hire their own janitorial staff, there are many reasons why contracting a professional company to perform your office cleaning services is the smarter way to go.

  • Lower Expenses: Employees require a salary and benefits, but you can avoid these costs by choosing an independent cleaning company. You would also have to supply all the tools and cleaners needed to do the job.
  • Reliable Service: An outside cleaning company will be solely dedicated to cleaning the office, which means it’s in their best interest to do an exceptional job every time—that’s the best way to secure repeat business.
  • No Scheduling Issues: If a member of your janitorial staff is sick or goes on vacation, you may find yourself shorthanded and that some tasks are going undone. A professional service will always send the right size team to get the whole job done.
  • No Hassle:  You won’t have to waste time training new hires or double-checking that the job is being done. A professional cleaning company can come to the office at whatever time is convenient for your business and thoroughly do the job they came to do.

Value Your Employees

Your staff is there to grow your business, care for your customers and do the job you hired them to do. Asking them to clean will distract them from the real work that needs to be done. An employee hired for a specific job may also feel like you don’t value their skills if you put them on bathroom cleaning or vacuuming duty. Hiring a professional team for your office cleaning services will show your employees that you care about the work they do and value their time.

GreenPro NYC Commercial Services

Unlike other companies that just vacuum carpets and dust, our professional cleaners will

  • Dust and disinfect all horizontal surfaces as well as computer monitors, keyboards, phones, printers, and fax machines
  • Give all glass surfaces a smudge and streak-free shine including any frames, partitions, mirrors, and cubicle panels
  • Clean all restrooms and common areas including lounges, conferences room, and reception areas
  • Vacuum carpeted areas and rugs and mop all hard surface floors
  • Remove trash from every bin and recycling from the office

We use only eco-friendly cleaning products for a healthier, environmentally-friendly clean; follow LEED guidelines; and use HEPA vacuums to keep allergens to a minimum. We believe in taking care of our planet and our clients, which is why creating a healthy environment is an integral part of our cleaning program.

Aside from these general cleaning services, we can accommodate any special requests you may have including construction cleanup, 24-hour emergency service, cleaning before and after an event or party, move-in or move-out services, packing and unpacking, window cleaning, floor maintenance, dry vapor cleaning and more.

If you’d like to see what a difference our commercial cleaning services can make in your NYC office, contact us today.

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