Most people are realizing the impact the chemicals have on humans as well as our environment. You don't really need chemicals to clean-- these chemicals make cleaning easier, but they don't make cleaning any better.

We are committed to providing all of our clients with safe cleaning solutions to help reduce contaminants. We only use Organic and Natural janitorial supplies by “Green Concepts” to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our customers and employees. We also follow stringent LEED guidelines to assist you in meeting specific certification requirements. Environmentally preferable products such as microfiber systems and HEPA/ULPA vacuums are also used to control contaminants.

Disinfectants could do more harm than good to humans, so we want people to know what we use and what's in it. We use only “certified” products from Green Seal, and the EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) Partnership Program. The products we use are safe for human contact, they contain only safe biodegradable non toxic ingredients.



Green Pro endorses and uses Eco Concepts Products for all of our cleaning projects

The best way to define our technology is with the two words: Safe and Superior

We understand and embrace that the cleaning industry has a desire for products that are safer for users and less stressful to the environment. To this end, we adhere to a Safe & Superior Product Standard that each potential new product must meet prior to being incorporated into our line. The four categories below are interrelated and have an impact on one another in doing an overall analysis of the viability of a potential new product. This standard is intended to ensure that companies do not need to lose in performance and cost when switching to safer and more environmentally friendly products:

Safe for the Environment

  • Readily Biodegradable - Every ingredient we use must be readily biodegradable. This is the industry's highest standard.
  • Low aquatic toxicity - Low fish and marine life toxicity. We protect the Earth's water.
  • Renewable resources - Every ingredient we use must be renewable in the future to protect future generations.
  • Concentrated products - Reduces wasted packaging and fuel.

Safe for Human Contact

  • Low to No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) - Most of our products have no VOC content. The only VOCs that Eco Concepts uses are materials that are commonly in our diets.
  • Low Toxicity - We use only materials that are classified as non-toxic by common industry and government standards.
  • Safe Ingredients - For example, we dye many of our products for safe user identification, but we ONLY use dyes that are approved by the FDA for human consumption.

Superior Performance

  • Cleaning Performance - Our products are tested for cleaning performance against the best in the industry and meet or exceed their performance.
  • Controlled Cleaning - We do not take the corrosive, sledgehammer approach to cleaning that our competitors prefer. We clean the soil without damaging your valuable properties.

Superior Cost

  • Product Cost - Our use costs are competitive with all competition. ("In Use" cost is the cost per gallon of "ready to use" solution after diluting the concentrated product with water).
  • Liability Cost - The safety of our products reduces your liability both present and future.
  • Labor Cost - When people feel good about the products that they are using, lost time goes down and productivity goes up.


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