Signing on with GreenPro is a safe and healthy choice for your work space as well as the world around us. Our clients count on us for reliability, consistency and dedication to properly maintaining the entire commercial area. Our highly trained & experienced crew is ready to tackle your entire list of needs at a moment’s notice. GreenPro provides several key options from 'Green' and conventional cleaning methods under flexible scheduling and offiers an extensive list of services to suit your exact needs.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has alerted major allergens and contaminants are most often found growing and being distributed through your heating and cooling systems and air ducts. Indoor Air Quality cleaning by GREENPRO is New York's most reliable and trusted resource for a healthy breathing environment. We specialize in the removal of serious airborne contaminants and health hazards that build up in your ducts, your vents and your carpets. Our expert professionals have been handling some of the most involved dust work in commercial buildings and residential spaces by removing major allergens, pollutants, microbes and impurities that grow and travel through dust buildup. GreenPro's Indoor Air Quality Cleaning Services greatly reduces the contamination of dust mites, mold, fungi and bacteria that leads to the aggravation of respiratory diseases.
When it comes to IMMEDIATE RESPONSE to Flood Damage Cleanup, Remediation and Mold Removal, GreenPro takes the reigns to restore your home or office space back to its original, operational form. You can rely on our pros to respond in record time and quality to ensure that you're back in action in no time. For a free evaluation, call our emergency cleanup hotline at 800.291.2785
Warehouses, garages, hospitals, schools, offices & showrooms - no matter the environment, no one covers all the bases with a better selection of styles than Epoxy Finishes by GreenPro. Our protective-flooring consultants know the kind of traffic your floor endures and are ready to provide an array of sensible, cost-effective options in industrial, commercial & residential surfaces. We have many systems that can be used in most application for your Business. Indoor and Outdoor systems. Our floors have been installed in many locations just like some of the ideas below. Textures, finish, and color can all be controlled to your choosing.
More than a leading maintenance company, GreenPro is committed to the advancement of Green (GS-37) Cleaning products and applications through additional 3rd party certified procedural training and equipment studies that meets the current health and environmental safety standards. By hiring our Green Cleaning services, your company is entitled to receive the many benefits of 'going green' including the many government-backed incentives that are available today. Ask us about our Green Certifications and Affiliations.
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