We all dread the thought of unforeseen emergencies whose damages lead to expensive repairs. To get back to ‘business as usual’ means focusing on the restoration of one’ home, office or rental space- and GreenPro is here for you!

Fast, efficient and cost effective… those are GREENPRO’s roadmap to getting the job done. Especially with water damage, we are in a race against time to remove the water and moisture from destroying your property. Our experts in MITIGATION services and water extraction will tackle flood damage projects on any size- from hardwood floors, drywall repair/replacement, carpet, mold prevention/remediation and drying- all in record time.

Mold is a living organism that travels through the air- often traveled by dust particles through air vents that connect your entire home of office. Their colonies reproduce quickest in moist, humid areas and dark spaces- where massive contamination may lead to serious property damage and tremendous health hazards.

That’s where GREENPRO comes in to help.

GreenPro’s Mold Removal team quickly and thoroughly attacks your mold infestation to the core and works to remove any future re-insurgence of

We not only remove the problem, but we conduct a thorough pre-treatment inspection to get to the root of why you have them in the first place.

Our professionals are certified by the IICRC ( Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)- promoting the highest standards and ethics within the inspection, cleaning and restoration service industry. This translates to ensuring you the best possible worry-free cleanup service.

For additional questions or comments about our Green Cleaning System, contact our info helpline at 1-800-291-2785 or email us at: info@greenpronyc.com

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