Our Expertise is your PEACE OF MIND
Welcome to GREENPRO COMMERCIAL CARPET CLEANING. We are committed to providing the highest quality service using only the most eco-friendly products for those high-traffic areas. With over a decade of experience in carpet, rug and upholstery maintenance, our professionals get the job done efficiently and quickly to get your back up and running at record time!

Commercial carpeting covers your entire work space and that means maximum exposure to everyone for extended periods of time. Using the safest and healthiest cleaning solutions is just as important to how your employees and customers will react to that space as restoring sanitary work standards.

From Green Steam Cleaning, Shampooing and Green Carpet Cleaning- GREENPRO pursues specific requirements that must meet specific health standards and codes. Since what’s in your carpet directly affects the very air you breathe, GREENPRO wants to ensure that what we put in it is safe for all those who travel in and out of that space. GREENPRO uses only EPA approved, non-toxic cleaning solvents with the highest safety OSHA ratings to guarantee our clients’ peace of mind. Most of our cleansers are organic-based whose main ingredients are 100% lab-tested for allergens and adverse reactions. Also, our equipment and specialized methods are dedicated to health-conscious practices.


GREENPRO provides free estimates for all Green Carpet services of any size. For special carpet repairs, our assessors will visit your location to review the damage and provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions that suits your budget. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to answer all your questions and is ready to tackle all your carpet-cleaning needs at a moment’s notice.

Small area rugs and commercial furniture will often require special care to restore their quality and form. Especially in busy work areas, they are first to suffer a tremendous amount of soiling and wear & tear. The many materials and weave types (ie. Persian and silk rugs, delicate upholstery materials etc) will often require the expertise of an experienced professional to evaluate the job and then do it right the first time. One call to the in-house team at GREENPRO is all you need!



Many symptoms of the allergy sufferer are irritation to skin, eyes, and respiratory tracts. Harmful dust mites, microscopic organisms that aggravate allergy and asthma suffers, thrive in the work place. They live in the drapes, upholstery and carpets of your office. Our process removes these harmful organisms from your work place. This will increase the air quality for all the employees and leave a more please environment for clients.


For additional questions or comments about our Green Cleaning System, contact our info helpline at 1-800-291-2785 or email us at: info@greenpronyc.com
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